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Site Updates 10/3/2021

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Hello again, another update. The photo's of a place called Governor Dicks in Manheim PA. My mature friends always laugh at the name. Anyways, go check it out if you happen to be near Lancaster. They've got a cool observation tower you can climb at the top of a wooded hill. Nice walking trails too. Anyways, back to the site updates.

So I've been working a lot on the Intro to Java series - namely I've corrected some information, rephrased some things, and am just near finished with section 4 on making decisions with conditional statements.

I want to add a few more various guides on topics that interest me - I'm thinking of adding a guide on Git, running Java programs from the command line with arguments, a brief history of computing, and maybe even a few articles on Western History because that's something I always enjoyed.

I've also updated a lot of the layouts on the site. I've added a featured guides section to the home page, redesigned the blog layout, and redesigned the tags page layout. So everything should look pretty now. No more ugly default Joomla templates.

Looking forward to continuing to work on this. I'm planning on recording my video to go along with the Selecting a Webhost guide soon. Also I want to redo a Java project where I made Blackjack in the past. So maybe I'll write a guide on that soon and release the source code.



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